Saturday, May 9, 2015


A) 3 Rounds 60sec AD 30sec DU 30sec Burpee Rest 3min ... 3 Rounds 60sec Row 30sec KB Swings 30sec Box Jumps @ 20" (Step-Down) Rest 3min ... X2 Sets

All cals measured on hr monitor
1a. 36 cals, 30 dus 11 burpees
1b. 39 cals, 22 dus, 13 burpees
1c. 40 cals, 29 dus, 11 burpees
1d. 38 cals, 10 kbs 2 pood, 11 Bj
1e. 36 cals, 12 kbs, 13 Bj
1f. 31 cals, 12 kbs, 11 Bj
2a. 39cals, 34 dus, 11 burpees
2b. 36 cals, 31 dus, 11 burpees
2c. 38 cals, 25 dus, 11 burpees
2d. 34 cals, 12 kbs, 13 Bj
2e. 33 cals, 12 kbs, 11 Bj
2f. 35 cals, 12 kbs, 14 Bj

Good stuff

Friday, May 8, 2015


A) KB Goblet RLE Split Squat: @32x1 tempo, 3 x 8-10 ea leg; rest 60sec b/t legs (focus on the stretch on rear leg)

10 reps each with 35# position focus. Knee was touching ground by last 3 reps of 3 set.

B) Split Jerk Stance DB 2arm Neutral Grip Press: @31x3 tempo, 3 x 8-10; rest 90sec (ribs in @ top of each rep)

Sets of 8 with 25# each. Ribs down elbows locked was tough.  Left arm started to fail with 2 reps left in 2nd set. In medial delt.

C) KB Pressing Windmill (bent L Press): 3 x 8-10 ea arm; rest 60sec b/t sides (moderate)

Sets of 8 with 35#. Hard to press out, esp on left, had to do 4,4 with left arm on first set. Did 8 both arms on rest. This is tough but awesome.

D) Seated DB 1arm Z-Press: 3 x 8-10 ea arm; rest 60sec b/t sides (moderate)

25# focus on ribs down. Right side is good, left is hard to keep rib down, not sure if I truly did on any.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


A) 3 Pause Clean Grip Deadlift (1" Off Ground, Below Knee, Above Knee): @31P1 Tempo, 3,3,3,3,3; Rest 2min (90% Of Clean 1RM, Release & Reset @ Bottom Of Each Rep)

240 no prob

B) KB 1arm Deficit Deadlift: 8" Deficit, 4 X 4-5 Ea Arm; Rest 60sec B/T Arms (Mod To Mod-Heavy)


C) Stability Disc Rings Assisted Shrimp Squats: @3121 Tempo, 3 X 10-12 Ea Leg; Rest 60sec B/T Legs

Good stuff. Left leg harder

D) Strict Towel-Grip Pull-Ups: @21x1 Tempo, 4 X 10; Rest As Needed To Complete As Rx'd

6,4 then 6,2,2 then 6,2,2 then 6,2,2 rest 10 sec btw breaks

E) ABwheel Roll-Out: Accumulate 30 Total Reps (Slow, Controlled)


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


A) KB Goblet Squat (barefoot): @5052 tempo, 5 x 5; rest 2min (heavy across, focus on heel contact, & brace b/t every rep)

53#, by end felt it in low back and mortise joint where tibia was trying to rotate on talus

B) KB 1arm Shoulder Press x5 + KB Windmill x5: 5 sets of the complex ea arm; rest 60sec b/t arms (moderate, position focus)


C) KB Bottoms-up Overhead Carry: 5 x 50m ea arm; rest as needed b/t arms

Did it but I don't think I'm ready for this. Can't lock out elbows and keep ribs down. Hyper extending low back, jutting chin out.

D) KB 1arm Elbowing Chinese Row @: @31x1 tempo, 5 x 8-10 ea arm; rest 60sec b/t arms

35#, good stuff. Takes focus to hit right spot

Monday, May 4, 2015


Kb windmill 20#
8,8 each arm

Slamball windmill 20#
8,8 each arm

Left hand was better in both variations

TGU with 35# each arm

Punch up with left hand is worse but lunge rom is better on left

Push Press
1x225 missed

12 min Amrap
6 strict hspu
12 kbs 55#
30 dus

Total: 6+3
Only broke 2x on dus in the whole workout. 
Hspu were 6,6, then 3,3, then 3,1,1,1 then 2,1,1,1,1 then singles