Monday, October 18, 2010

Blaming Bad Genes For Breast Cancer Is A Medical Myth

Article Of The Week:

Blaming Bad Genes For Breast Cancer Is A Medical Myth, Read Here

Doctor's Soapbox:

The studies continue to pile up! This one is from the journal Breast Cancer Research and the lead researcher found that "regardless of whether or not women have a family history of breast cancer, staying physically active, eating well, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption reduce their risk of developing breast cancer to the same degree."

What does that mean? That means that if you have a "family history" of breast cancer, so what. You probably have a "family history" of poor lifestyle choices like sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, smoker, drinker, and/or high stress job, home, family life. In other words, it's not genetic, it's familial. You learned how to live from your mother who learned from her mother. If you all learned the same poor lifestyle and live the same poor lifestyle, you'll all more than likely develop the same chronic disease; in this case, breast cancer. Yes, genetics play a role, but it is a role that is far overblown by the media and industries that stand to make millions of dollars off of you living the victim mentality (Pharmaceutical companies, medical-industrial complex).

So take control of your life and your health. Live an anti-cancer lifestyle. Eat well, move well, think well, get adjusted.