Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Bending + Single-leg Squatting Assistance

A) 2 Pause Clean Grip Deadlift (1" off ground, below knee, above knee): @31P1 tempo, 4 x 4; rest 2min (265# across, release & reset @ bottom of each rep)

Yes, u said it looked good

B) KB 1arm Deficit Deadlift: @4121 tempo ,8" Deficit, 4 x 5-6 ea arm; rest 60sec b/t arms (96# across))

Yes, less back tightness this time. Started w left arm first.

C) Stability Disc BAND Assisted Shrimp Squats: @3121 tempo, 3 x 8-10ea leg; rest 60sec b/t legs

I like this a lot more than ring assisted. Purple band allows me to work legs better.

D) Strict L-CTB Pull-up: @21x1 tempo, 3 x AMRAP UB; rest 90sec

7, 6, 5

E) ABwheel Roll-out: accumulate 30 total reps (slow, controlled)


Monday, June 1, 2015


Double-leg Squatting Position + OH Stability

A) BB Zombie Squat (barefoot): @5052 tempo, 4 x 5; rest 2min (heavy across, focus on heel contact, & brace b/t every rep)

Used 75#

1. All 5 no rolls

2. No rolls

3. Rolled on 5th rep coming up

4. No rolls

B) KB 1arm Shoulder Press x5 + KB Windmill x5: 4 sets of the complex ea arm; rest 60sec b/t arms (increase loading if possible)


Left press was harder than right, especially reps 4&5

C) Farmers Handle 90/90 Carry: 3 x 30m ea arm; rest as needed b/t arms (tough load)

40#. It's the grip that gets me in left hand. I can hold it but I can't stop it from tipping

D) Farmers Handle 1arm Farmers Carry: 3 x 30m ea arm; rest as needed b/t arms (increase load)

175, L grip was so hard